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On the afternoon of December 23, 2016, Wang Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Xi'an Municipal Committee, was invited by the Standing Committee of the Xi’an Municipal Party Committee and Xi'an high tech Industrial Development Zone Party committee Secretary Zhao Hongzhi, Director of Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Committee An Jianli, Deputy vice director of Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Committee Yang Renhua ,and Qiang Xiaoan, the Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wen Xiangrong , the Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Li, the Director of the Municipal Industrial Information Committee ,who accompanied by the principal leaders of the municipal government, came to Shaanxi SIRUI Advanced Material Co., Ltd to inspect.
Coincides with the company Chairman Wang Wenbin led the team to visit Germany, Vice Chairman Li Gang rate of company leadership reception Secretary Wang Yongkang.

Secretary Wang Yongkang visited the Medium Voltage products, High Voltage product display area, Arc Smelting workshop, Rail Transportation Motor products exhibition area of our company individually. During the research ,Secretary Wang Yongkang is very concerned about the large number of contact materials of international users, especially the wide use of high-temperature alloy. In the new product research and Development Area, he patiently asked about the use of products, processes and the performance, he also give high praise for the new products which the company Independent research and development.

During the conversation, Wang Yongkang learned that there were many executives who graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University. He was particularly pleased, he hopes more talented people to actively participate in innovation and entrepreneurship.
During the visit, Secretary Wang Yongkang told the leaders of our company that “you have made great contributions to the development of the country's new materials while making economic progress in your own development. Therefore, we have a responsibility to serve you well”. He asked the relevant departments in technology research, service security, to provide personalized, "nanny" service for the enterprise.
"I take the initiative to register, I want to serve as a good ‘waiter’ to show them confidence, send policy and hope to the enterprises and provide with five - star service.

This is the fifteenth day of the inauguration of Secretary Wang Yongkang to Xi'an, Secretary Wang is a Ph.D. in metal materials, We are engaged in the production of metal materials and research and development is his “old career”.Thank Secretary Wang and other government leaders attach affirmation and affection to the company, we also thank Secretary Wang advocated to provide "personalized," nanny "waiter" service idea to the enterprises development and administration, thank him for his efforts to boost the real economy development ideas!

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